Productivity Improvements 

  • We have the ability to study and understand machinery processes and lean manufacturing techniques.
  • We investigate Cycle time improvements for your applications.
  • When it is determined that additional changes to the system hardware/software are needed or desired, the customer can be assured that the latest technology and techniques have been evaluated to determine the most effective solution is provided.
  • Experience in Machinery relocation, process modifications, and tooling/fixturing updates.
  • Experience with plant network and production monitoring programs.

The Machine Life Cycle 

From Risk Assessment to Validation, We Provide Solutions to Satisfy Your Needs

Above all, we will Respect those we work with.
We believe in Family.  We believe we can make a better world for our children and grand children. We are enthusiastic and positive about the future.  We believe that good people working with good people for the common good will bring an evolution in the work environment that we can all be proud of.We believe in achieving the most for the least. We believe that the greatest innovation can come from the least expected source and that remaining open to input is an integral part of good design. We believe that the best results come from a methods based effort. Consistency and accountability are hallmarks of this belief. We believe in under-promising and over-delivering. We believe in relationships that last a lifetime. We deliver good and bad news equally, because each is equally valuable to the final outcome of a project. We believe in actions today that will mean having the opportunity for a long retirement.

Resources/ Industry Links

Our Mission Statement 

Risk Assessment & Safety 

  • We provide Safe Solutions based on current Risk Assessment requirements
  • Extensive experience in industrial and safety controls  
  • Membership in a number of ANSI National Safety Standard writing committees as well as International Committees (see list)
  • Broad experience designing and implementing Integrated safety solutions providing both safety and productivity improvements.  

White Horse Safety

Machine Safety Specialists